WZPM-201 End face thermal resistance

WZPM-201 End face thermal resistance

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WZCM、WZPM series end face thermal resistance elements are made of specially treated wire and closely attached to the thermometer end face. Compared with the general axial thermal resistance, it can be more correctly and quickly response the actual temperature of measured end face, and is suitable for measuring the end face temperature of bearing shell or other parts.


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Graduation Cu50:R0=50±0.050Ω Graduation Cu100:R0=100±0.10Ω
Graduation Pt100:R0=100±0.12Ω(class B ) among them,R0 is the resistance value of the element at 0℃
Name Temperature measuring range Allowable deviation△t℃ Graduation
End face copper resistance -50-100 ±(0.3℃+0.6%|t|) Cu50 (G) or Cu100
End face platinum resistance -150-200 Class A:±(0.15℃+0.2%|t|) Pt100
Class B:±(0.3℃+0.5%|t|)
Note: t is the absolute value of the measured temperature.
Name Graduation Measuring range Specification Nominal pressure MPa Thermal response time τ0.5S
Diameter d(mm) M
WZCM-201 Cu50 or Cu100 -50~+100 Φ6 M8*0.75 Normal pressure <15
WZPM-201 Pt100 -100~+100 Normal pressure <10
WZPM-201B Φ8 M10*1
Installation method and Dimensions As shown in the following figure

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