V-cone flowmeter

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Product name V-cone flowmeter Nominal diameter DN25 -DN1600 Caliber greater than DN1600 can also be made
Basic error ±0.5%,±1.5%, ±2.5% Measured medium Liquid, gas (including natural gas), steam
Working pressure ≦26.0 MPa Measured medium temperature <550℃
Requirement for straight pipe section Upstream 0-3D,downstream 0-1D Power supply 24V DC(Need to be equipped with differential pressure transmitter )
Protective performance IP65 Explosion-proof performance Intrinsic safety type IbIICT5
Display 8 bit LCD display instantaneous flow and accumulative flow (Equip flow totalizer) Output signal 4-20mA DC flow signal The output signal that conforms to the HART protocol
Flange execution standard:JB/T81-1994、JB/T82.1-1994、JB/T82.2-1994
Nominal diameter D L (mm) C Nominal diameter D L (mm) C
DN25 150 M12*1.5 DN350 900 M20*1.5
DN32 165 M12*1.5 DN400 1050 M20*1.5
DN40 200 M12*1.5 DN450 1150 M20*1.5
DN50 250 M20*1.5 DN500 1260 M20*1.5
DN65 275 M20*1.5 DN600 1380 M20*1.5
DN80 300 M20*1.5 DN700 1500 M20*1.5
DN100 350 M20*1.5 DN800 1600 M20*1.5
DN125 400 M20*1.5 DN900 1750 M20*1.5
DN150 450 M20*1.5 DN1000 1850 M20*1.5
DN200 550 M20*1.5 DN1400 2000 M20*1.5
DN250 650 M20*1.5 DN1600 2200 M20*1.5
DN300 700 M20*1.5 DN1500 2500 M20*1.5
Model Description
HLVZ V-cone flowmeter
  Code Classification by structure
  01 Pipeline type
  02 Embedded type
  03 Insertion type
  Code Caliber
  25-3000 DN25-DN3000
  Code Pressure class(MPa)
  1.6 1.6
  2.5 2.5
  4.0 4.0
  6.3 6.3
  10 10
  16 16
  26 26
  Code Medium
  1 Liquid
  2 Gas
  3 Steam
  Code Compensation form
  N No pressure, temperature compensation
  P With pressure compensation output
  T With temperature compensation output
  Code Transmitter differential pressure range
  0 Micro differential pressure range
  1 Low differential pressure range
  2 Medium differential pressure range
  3 High differential pressure range
  Code Whether with the field display
  W Throttling device sensor
  X Intelligent throttling device (flowmeter)
1、Medium name
2、Inner and outer diameters of pipeline (mm)
3、Choose the form of V-cone flow sensing
4、Flow unit(kg/h,t/h,m3/h,Nm3/h)
5、Common flow, minimum flow, maximum flow and scale flow
6、When the medium is the standard state of gas, the 0 ℃ standard condition or 20 ℃ standard condition should be explained.
7、Working pressure(MPa):a、absolute pressure b、gauge pressure
8、Fluid temperature(℃):The highest, the lowest, and the common temperature
9、Fluid density(kg/m3 or kg/Nm3)
10、Fluid viscosity(mPa.s)
11、Relative temperature
12、Gas composition, volume percentage(For more than two kinds of mixed gases)
13、Pipeline device a、horizontal b、from bottom to top
14、Pipe flange a、According to the flange standard specification, provide flange standard and model b、Party B provides drawings

The measurement of water and water vapor must provide (1)、(2)、(4)、(5)、(7)、(8)、(13)、(14)
The measurement of general gas must provide(1)~(14)
The measurement of general solution and oils must provide(1)、(2)、(4)、(5)、(7)、(8)、(9)、(10)、(13)、(14)
Various data must be filled in a specific value of the process design,please do not fill in the approximate range

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