SBW- temperature transmitter

Integrated temperature transmitter

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Model Graduation Measuring range℃
SBWR-2180 E 0~400
SBWR-2280 K 0~400
SBWR-2380 S 600~1600
SBWR-2880 N 0~400
SBWR-4180 E 0~600
SBWR-4280 K 0~1100
SBWR-4380 S 0~1600
SBWR-4480 B 0~1600
SBWR-4580 T 0~400
SBWR-4880 N 0~1200
SBWZ-2480 Pt100 0~500
SBWZ-4480 Pt100 -200~500

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The integrated thermocouple / thermal resistance is based on the thermocouple / thermal resistance to increase the temperature transmitting function or additional field display function, that is, the temperature transmitter module is installed in the junction box of the original thermocouple / thermal resistance, and the display converter is installed with the field display junction box, and the actual application has the following 6 forms:
Performance / type and code TR TS TH TF
Simulation fixed range Digital programmable Digital with HART Digital and field bus
Input signal Thermocouple Thermal resistance Thermocouple, thermal resistance, -125~200mv,0~500Ω Thermocouple / thermal resistance -15~115mv/0~4000Ω
Output signal 4~20mA 4~20mA , range adjustable, digital signal 4~20mA , range adjustable, with HART range adjustable, digital signal+ status information
Power supply voltage 10.5~30VDC
Isolation between input and output NO Yes Yes Yes
Mode of connection 2-wires 3-wires/4-wires 3-wires/4-wires 3-wires/4-wires
Accuracy 0.1%,0.2% 0.1%,0.2% 0.1% 0.2%
Explosive-proof type dⅡBT4 dⅡBT4 dⅡBT4 dⅡBT4
Intrinsic safety type iⅡCT6 iⅡCT6 iⅡCT6 iaⅡCT4/T6
Response time(S) 0.5 0.5 0.5/ configurator 1.3
Operating enviroment Temperature: -40~75℃,relative humidity: 5~95%
Input Thermal resistancePt100
Output Output 4~20mA DC signal in the range can be linear with the output resistance signal of the thermal resistance thermometer
Intrinsic error ±0.2%、±0.5%
Transmitting mode Two-wire system
Operating power supply voltage of transmitter Minimum 15V, maximum 30V, rated working voltage 24V
Ambient temperature effect ≤0.05%1℃
Normal working environment Ambient temperature -25℃~+80℃
Relative humidity 5%~95%
Mechanical vibrationf≤55Hz amplitude<0.15mm
Thermometric element Graduation Recommended range(℃)
Pt thermal resistance Pt100
0~50,0~100,0~150,0~200,0~300,0~400,0~500,200~400, 200~500,-50~50,-50~150,-50~200,-100~50,-200~50
NiCr-NiSi thermocouple K 0~300,0~400,0~500,0~600,0~800,0~1000,0~1200,0~1300 400~800,500~1000,600~1200
NiCrSi-NiSi thermocouple N
NiSi-Constantan thermocouple E 0~300,0~600,0~800,200~600
Fe-Constantan thermocouple J
Cu-Constantan thermocouple T 0~100,0~200,0~300,-50~100,-200~50
PtRh10-Pt thermocouple S 0~1000,0~1300,0~1600,600~1600
PtRh30-PtRh6 thermocouple B 600~1600,600~1800,800~1600,1000~1800

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