Orifice plate flowmeter

Orifice plate flowmeter

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Performance characteristics of orifice plate flowmeter
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Product name Orifice plate flowmeter Nominal diameter DN25 ~DN1000(mm)
Range ratio Standard1:3;extended 1:5 Accuracy ±1.5%FS
Working pressure ≤42.0MPa Medium temperature -40℃-450℃
Medium viscosity ≤30CP(Equivalent to heavy oil) β value 0.2-0.8
Connection mode Flange type,wafer type,welded type Installation modes Horizontal or vertical
Power supply 24V DC(Need to be equipped with differential pressure transmitter ) Explosion-proof performance Intrinsic safety type IbIICT5
Explosion-proof class ExⅡBT6 Gb Electrical interface M20*1.5
Display 8 bit LCD display instantaneous flow and accumulative flow (Equip flow totalizer) Tapping modes Annular-chamber tapping, flange tapping, corner drilling tapping, D-D/2 tapping
Protective performance IP65
Annular-chamber tapping standard orifice plate(1.6MPa)(The following table)
Caliber L(mm) ¢ D(mm)
DN50 110 ¢165
DN65 110 ¢185
DN80 110 ¢200
DN100 110 ¢220
DN125 110 ¢250
DN150 115 ¢285
DN200 120 ¢340
DN250 125 ¢405
DN300 130 ¢460
DN350 140 ¢520
The specific sizes of D-D/2 tapping standard orifice plate, flange tapping standard orifice plate and corner drilling tapping standard orifice plate are based on pressure class and the field pipeline size required by the customer.
Model Description
HLGK Orifice plate flowmeter
  Code Classification by structure characteristics
  H Annular-chamber tapping standard orifice plate
  Y Flange tapping standard orifice plate
  K Corner drilling tapping standard orifice plate
  J D-D/2 tapping standard orifice plate
  S Double orifice plate
  Q Segment orifice plate
  Z Conical entrance orifice plate
  R Quarter circle orifice plate
  P Eccentric orifice plate
  N Integral (Inner) orifice plate
  Code Nominal pressure(MPa)
  1.6 1.6
  2.0 2.0
  2.5 2.5
  4.0 4.0
  5.0 5.0
  6.3 6.3
  10 10
  11 11
  15 15
  16 16
  25 25
  26 26
  42 42
  Code Caliber
  25-1000 DN25-DN1000
  Code Medium
  1 Liquid
  2 Gas
  3 Steam
  Code Compensation form
  N No pressure, temperature compensation
  P With pressure compensation output
  T With temperature compensation output
  Code Transmitter differential pressure range
  0 Micro differential pressure range
  1 Low differential pressure range
  2 Medium differential pressure range
  3 High differential pressure range
  Code Whether with the field display
  W Throttling device sensor
  X Intelligent throttling device (flowmeter)
1-Throttling device; 2-Valve; 3- Insulating layer; 4- Settler; 5- Differential pressure gauge; 6- Gas collector
Conditions of pipeline installation:
(1)The straight pipe section before and after the throttling device must be straight and no bending can be seen by the naked eye.
Selection Notes:
Long-term field experience tells us that over 80% of the problems in orifice plate flowmeter are due to improper selection, so please confirm the detailed technical parameters before ordering.

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