Magnetic Flapper Level Indicator

Magnetic Flapper Level Indicator

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Magnetic flapper level indicator instrument can be used for the medium liquid level detection of various kinds of towers,tanks,slots,ball type container and boilers and other equipment.This series of liquid-level gauges can be highly sealed, anti-leakage and suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion-resistant occasions.It makes up the glass plate (tube) level gauge indicating poor clarity,easy to break and other defects,and the whole process measurement without blind spot, clear display, large measuring range. The parts materials of the magnetic flapper level indicator use 1Cr18Ni9Ti、316L、0Cr18Ni9Ti、1Cr18Ni9Ti lining PTFE, PVC, PP and other materials and imported components, which have excellent reliability and corrosion resistance.
Type Type Range of application and use
Ordinary type HH-UHZ P A local display instrument, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry,electric power, light industry, environmental protection. The liquid level in the open pressure vessel is continuously displayed.
Anti-corrosion type HH-UHZ F Suitable for liquid level measurement indication with corrosion and toxicity.
Heat tracing type HH-UHZ R Suitable for measuring the liquid medium with large viscosity and easy to crystallize. (need to have heat tracing device).
High temperature type HH-UHZ T Suitable for the liquid level measurement of liquid medium with vessel pressure less than 10Mpa and temperature between -200 ~ 450 ℃.
High pressure type HH-UHZ Y Suitable for sealed container with temperature below 200℃ and process pressure higher than 10Mpa (less than 20 Mpa).
High temperature and high pressure type HH-UHZ H Suitable for sealed container with temperature below 200℃ and process pressure higher than 10Mpa (less than 20 Mpa).
Explosion-proof type HH-UHZ B Suitable for flammable and explosive occasions
Top mounted type HH-UHZ D Suitable for various underground flow medium storage tanks,the liquid level can be displayed on the ground.Not suitable for strong vibration and strong magnetic workplace.

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Name HH-UHZ series anti-corrosion magnetic flapper level indicator
Classification Side mounted type
Suitable medium Corrosive liquid
Medium pressure 25.0Mpa and below
Medium temperature -40~450℃
Medium density ≥0.5g/cm³
Medium viscosity ≤0.05Pa·S
Measuring range 0~12m
Display accuracy ±10mm
Materials for contacting liquids Stainless steel、PVC、Ti
Connection mode Flange and thread
Alarm switch Contact capacity AC220V 0.5A DC24V 0.8A
Switch type Passive、dry contact
Switch form Normally open、normally closed、self-hold
Electrical life >100,000 times(Related to control power)
Limit load current 3A
Maximum contact resistance 150MΩ
Transmitting output module Output signal 4~20mA/HART/RS485
Load resistance 500Ω
Power supply DC24V 50mA
Ambient temperature -40~60℃
Outlet M20*1.5
Explosion-proof form Flameproof type Ex dⅡCT6
Intrinsic safety type Exia ⅡCT6
Fault feature Causes Range of application and use
Liquid level rise and fall Instrument no indication 1. Float damage
2.Float loss of excitation
3.Float chamber with foreign objects,float jammed
1. Replace damaged parts
2. Clean up
Abnormal magnetic pillar indication Partial magnetic pillar loss of excitation Replace
Instrument leakage 1.The sealing position is not sealed well
2. The sealing element is damaged
3. Weld seam cracking
1. Compress the sealing surface
2. Replace sealing gasket
3. Return to factory maintenance
Liquid level transmitter display is abnormal 1.Abnormal power supply voltage
2. Abnormal transmitter
1.Check the power supply voltage
2.Replace transmitter module

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