Principle and purchase on selection of magnetic flapper level indicator

Principle of magnetic flapper level indicator

The magnetic flapper level indicator is mounted on the outside or above the tank to indicate and control the seal type in the tank.The drain valve  and the connecting flange can be installed as needed.The indicator is composed of magnetic color plates. When the magnetic float ball in the main pipe flips with the liquid level rising, the liquid level can be displayed. A magnetic switch or a remote transmitter can also be installed on the main pipe to output switch signals or analog signals. It is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistant and other occasions.Local display and remote control.The main pipe adopts seamless steel pipe, and the connecting pipe is welded by a pull hole, and the inside is free from scratches.The mounting method can be side-mounted and top-mounted, and the lower end of the body is sealed.

Purchase on selection of magnetic flapper level indicator

Magnetic flapper level indicator is also called magnetic level gauge, magnetic column level gauge,magnetic float level gauge. It works on the principle of magnetic coupling. The product makes up for the multiple shortcomings of glass tube level gauge which can not work under high temperature and high pressure and is fragile.

Magnetic flapper level indicator has two mounting methods: side mount and top mount. No matter which way, the remote transmission device can be bundled, so that the liquid level gauge can display the liquid level on site and remotely monitor the liquid level. The magnetic flapper level indicator can be called a remote transmission type magnetic flapper level indicator.

Although the process of making a magnetic flapper level indicator is very simple, but the magnetic flapper level indicator as measuring instrument, especially remote transmission type magnetic flapper level indicator.It is difficult to guarantee the quality of the products without a production license if they are not examined by the Quality Supervision Bureau.Therefore, it is necessary to choose a manufacturer with a production license and good reputation for purchasing the magnetic flapper level indicator.The price may be slightly higher, but the quality of the product is guaranteed and the after-sales service is guaranteed.

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