HHLT02 Diffusive Silicon level Transmitter

HHLT02 Diffusive Silicon level Transmitter

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Product characteristics of diffusive silicon level transmitter

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1. Throw-in type, straight-pole type, flange type and thread type structure design.
2. Possess the ability of intrinsically safe explosion-proof and isolation explosion-proof, can be applied to all kinds of hazardous fields.
3. Simple installation, convenient use, strong interchange ability.
4. With blocking-proof type design, can realize level measurement of paste-state medium.
5. 4~20mA DC standard current signal output,two-wire signal transmission,strong interference-resistant ability.
6. 100% unified scale, LED, LCD the three kinds of indicating converter,local reading, convenient.
7. Fine and unique zero, temperature shift and non-linearity compensation ensure the instrument in the range of using conditions to have a stable accuracy for a long time.
The product is according to the principle that the pressure generated by liquids with different specific gravity at different height is linear relationship, to realize accurate measurement and transmission of volume, level height and weight of water, oil and paste-state matters. Widely used in petroleum, ocean, reservoir, river, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, scientific research and other enterprises and institutions.
The process pressure converts the pressure signal into the electrical signal through the pressure sensor, amplified by differential amplifier and output amplifier, then through conversion of V/A converter, converted to the 4~20mA standard current output signal which has a linearly correspondence relationship with input pressure. Thus showing the size of the liquid level.


Product • performance index

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Name HHL02 series diffusive silicon level transmitter
Classification Analog type、intelligent type
Structure classification Throw-in type, straight-pole type, thread type ,flange type
Measured medium Liquid and half- paste-state matters compatible with 31 6 stainless steel
Accuracy 0.25%F.S 0.5%F.S
Stability 0.2%F.S
Measuring range 0~210m
Supply voltage 12~24V DC
Output 4~20mA DC Two-wire system
Communication HART Communication protocol
Signal interface M20*1.5
Operating temperature -10~ + 80°C
Storage temperature -40~+ 125°C
Relative humidity Less than 95%
Overload limit 1.5~3 times of rated range
Load resistance Not greater than 750Ω to maintain constant current output
Zero temperature coefficient Less than 0.02%/°C
Full range temperature coefficient Less than 0.02%/°C
Isolation diaphragm 316 Stainless steel
Mechanical protection IP65
Connection mode Throw-in type is polyvinyl chloride with Φ8 mm aperture
Straight-pole type material is 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel
Flange type is DN25 or user self-selection
Thread type is 1/2NPT、M20X1.5 or thread optional
Corrosion-proof type is PTFE with Φ8 mm aperture
Explosion-proof grade iaⅡCT5


Product • Structure Detail Drawing

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1. When using intrinsically safe explosion-proof type transmitter, should also choose the corresponding safety barrier.
2. The installation site of the transmitter should be kept away from the high-power electrical equipment to avoid the interference of electromagnetic induction and affect the performance of intrinsically safe type transmitter.
3. Carrying and installation of the transmitter should be handled gently, so as not to affect the performance of intrinsically safe circuit.
4. The intrinsically safe lead wire of the transmitter should not be laid with high-voltage cable, wire length should be as short as possible, the sum of distributed inductance and distributed capacitance of wire, the sum of effective inductance and effective capacitance of transmitter shall not exceed the rated value specified by safety barrier.
5. The transmitter is equipped with grounding screws, grounding wire must be firm, and the grounding resistance is not more than 2Ω.
6. Cut off the power supply of the intrinsically safe circuit during maintenance, and overhaul in non-hazardous area.

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