Annubar flowmeter

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Product name Annubar flowmeter Range ratio 10:1
General pipe diameter 100mm~3000mm Measuring accuracy ±1.5%
Repeated accuracy ±0.2% Working pressure 0~25Mpa
Working temperature -20℃~500℃ Connection mode Flange connection, threaded connection
Applicable medium Air, coal gas, flue gas, natural gas, tap water, boiler feed water, corrosive solution; saturated steam, superheated steam, etc.
Note: “L”,“r1、r2、r3、r4” in the figure are calculated from the pipeline parameters provided by the customer.
Model Description
HLVA Annubar flowmeter
  Code Classification by structure form
  1 Flute type uniform velocity tube with flange connection
  2 Flute type uniform velocity tube with threaded connection
  Code Nominal pressure(MPa)(Must options)
  1.6 1.6
  2.5 2.5
  4.0 4.0
  6.3 6.3
  10 10
  16 16
  25 25
  Code Caliber(Must options)
  100-3000 DN100-DN3000
  Code Medium(Must options)
  1 Liquid
  2 Gas
  3 Steam
  Code Compensation form(Optional)
  N No pressure, temperature compensation
  P With pressure compensation output
  T With temperature compensation output
  Code Transmitter differential pressure range(Optional)
  0 Micro differential pressure range
  1 Low differential pressure range
  2 Medium differential pressure range
  3 High differential pressure range
  Code Whether with the field display(Optional)
  W Throttling device sensor
  X Intelligent throttling device (flowmeter)
1. Please provide pipe size, wall thickness, and material requirements.
2. Please provide the fluid condition, such as the name, maximum and minimum common temperature, maximum and minimum common working pressure, maximum and minimum common flow(if it is a gas, also need to provide that is in the working state or 20 ℃, 101.325KPa standard state,medium component etc.),density, viscosity, etc.
3. When choosing the anti-corrosion type, the measured corrosive medium and the percentage of the concentration should be indicated.

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